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Art and Symbolism of Animals

Art inspired by the animal kingdom, illustrating the creatures traditional and mystical symbolism, and also historical and archaeological depictions.



Hengest, 6in x 9in dip pen and ink drawing of a bronze Celtic horse ornament c.2000 years ago. Hengest is an Old English word for horse.



Boxing hares compete for mates in spring. In folklore the hare is linked to the moon, swiftness, cunning and shapeshifting.


'I shall go into a hare,

With sorrow and sych and meickle care;

And I shall go in the Devil's name,

Ay while I come home again.'


(and then to change back)


'Hare, hare, God send thee care.

I am in a hare's likeness now,

But I shall be in a woman's likeness even now.'


From Isobel Gowdies witchcraft confession 1662

Crows and Ravens


Members of the Corvid family of birds.