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Germanic Mythology

Images inspired by tales from ancient Germanic myth, found in sources such as the Norse Eddas and the Icelandic sagas

Fates - Composite of archetypes from Greek and Norse myth, symbolising time; the past, present and future. In Greek myth, past spins the thread of life, present measures its length and the unknown future cuts it to an end. The cut thread and new thread link, to give a more positive cyclic nature to time. In Norse myth the three Norns do not spin, but weave the web of wyrd - the entwining fates of all humankind - whilst sat beneath the World Tree, included in stylised form.


8in x 24in acrylic and ink on canvas, with a PVA and emulsion texture.

Freya - The Norse fertility Goddess, here as a shamanic shape-shifter she wears a cloak of falcon feathers to fly over the nine worlds...


12in x 9in, Dip pen & ink, with ink and watercolour wash, on paper, 2009


Ask & Embla - Ask (Ash) and Embla (Elm) were the first man and woman in Norse myth. After Odin and his two brothers had made the universe, they came upon two upturned trees. They made them free-willed individuals; each of the brothers gave them life, intelligence & emotion, and sight and hearing.


A4 Acrylic on paper, 2011


Yggdrasil - The Norse world tree.


Mixed media on canvas, 2010


Yule -


9in x 12in dip pen & ink, with watercolour overlay, 2009

Rune Tree Design - Algiz rune, and Algiz reversed


9in x 12in dip pen & ink, with watercolour colouring, 2009

Wave Maidens - Are the nine daughters of the giant Ægir and goddess Rán, who personify the sea in Norse mythology. Their names are poetic terms for different characteristics of ocean waves.


A3 Ink and watercolour on paper, 2009