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Art and Symbolism of Plants and Fungi

Art inspired by the plant kingdom, illustrating the traditional and mystical symbolism for trees, bushes, herbs and flowers (and fungi), focusing on those native to Britain and Europe and also historical and archaeological depictions.



An alphabet used by Celts, possibly with corespondence to trees and other plants.

The Forest


As an archetype symbolises the unconscious, the wild and danger. In myth and fairy tales it can be a hostile place but can also be a sanctuary.

Magical Plants and Fungi


Psychoactive Fly agaric mushrooms and

Monkshood, another possible ingredient in witches flying ointment.

Fern, with Slavic folklore about searching for the magical, luck bringing fern flower on midsummer eve.



Henbane is thought to have been one of the psychoactive ingredients in witches flying ointment.



Sedative and an important flavouring for beer

Fly agaric mushroom


The archetypal fairy tale fungi with a long history of use as a psychedelic.


All information here is given for entertainment and interest only, herbs and fungi are often dangerous and should only be used when supervised by a professional.



Not native to Europe (they are from S.America) but just very pretty.