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Goddess Calendar, designed with imagery and symbolism found in natures changes through the wheel of the year, folk traditions and ancient pagan festivals... more months will be added as they are created...


All images are 10in x 10in watercolour paintings.



She is the bleakest time of winter personified - cold, cruel and dark. She is of the underworld, nature dissipated back into the realm of archetypes and pure potential, to be reborn when the cycle begins again. The image is also loosely influenced by the myths of Holda, shaking her blanket of snow; and of Janus, the Roman deity whose two faces look both back to the old year and forwards into the new, after whom this month was probably named.

December - Midwinter - Yule


Inspired by all the Midwinter festivals that happen during this month bringing light and colour to the darkest, bleakest time of year. This is a turning point in the year when the sun is 'reborn' during the solstice, and light begins to return. People celebrated having good stores of food to make it through the winter months. The lady is an embodiment of winter, bleak and cold until she has the associations of the Yule festivities...

February - Imbolc


The Goddess reborn as maiden as the sunlight begins to strengthen and nature shows the very first tentative signs of spring - snowdrops pushing up throught the snow. Imbolc is an ancient cross quarter fire festival, linked to the agricultural cycle - the name Imbolc probably means 'ewes milk' or in the belly. The year has a feeling of newness and potential, even though still held in the cold of winter.

Goddess Calendar

March - Ostara - Spring Eqinox


Day and night are of equal length at Ostara, the equinox, with sunlight becoming stronger all the time, though there can still be a chill in the air with storms and cold winds. There are growing signs of natures return with daffodils and the first spring flowers emerging. Eggs are traditional symbols of new life and fertility, with many customs for painting eggs at this time throughout Europe.